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"At Peace With My Dream" By. Stanley McNeil

At Peace with my Dream (Synopsis) Published: June 2017Growing up on the inner city streets of Memphis, TN wasn’t easy. The threat of gangs, drugs, and violence was an everyday occurrence. You either became a product of your environment, or you used whatever willpower and talent you had to overcome your daily challenges. Stanley McNeil chose the latter. McNeil turned the pain and despair of not knowing his father into a catalyst to succeed in the sport of basketball,hence elevating him and his family out of a life of poverty. Having found his niche, McNeil relied heavily on his teammates for a sense of family and acceptance. He also depended on his fans for their devotion. The thrill of the game, coupled with his athleticism, propelled him to the pros. As a member of the world famous Harlem Globetrotters, his dreams had finally come true. In the height of his success, McNeil has dealt a devastating blow.  His son—the pride and joy of his life—is diagnosed with autism. Although McNeil’s son is non-verbal, their love is apparent to anyone who witnesses their interactions. His journey of self-discovery serves as proof of the transcending power of love and sacrifice. In this inspiring memoir, McNeil shows how a dream deferred can still lead to true peace.

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